Some more, maybe a bit radical solutions we don’t really encourage you to apply to your hardware,

even if you got a backup !
  • Will it Blend iPad 2

    Will it Blend? - iPad 2

    Tom is invited to the introduction to the new iPad 2. But as great as it is, Tom shows Steve Jobs how the Blendtec Total Blender can handle even the greatest of inventions.
  • Another way to switch off a webcam

    Another way to switch off a webcam!

    What can happen when seeing videos of yourself on social media looking like they are made at your home or workplace and you have no clue where they came from?
  • Will It Blend Chrome Notebook

    Will It Blend? - Chrome Notebook

    Tom shows us how when you blend his new Chrome notebook, that the information is safely backed up in "The Cloud"... where ever that is.
  • Recently in the cubicle

    Did this one inspire the Dilbert cartoons or got inspired by them?
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Its needless to say that such a trivial thing like the mechanical blocking of a web cam on internet connected devices could be easy addressed by the device designers and manufacturers at very little cost.

The big question is rather: Why they don't do it?
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