• Cory Doctorov Who governs digital trust

    Who governs digital trust?

    "Computers are everywhere. They are now something we put our whole bodies into---airplanes, cars---and something we put into our bodies---pacemakers, cochlear implants. They HAVE to be trustworthy." Who decides who can override whom? The core issues for Doctorow come down to Human Rights versus Property Rights, Lockdown versus Certainty, and Owners versus mere Users.
  • Do it yourself

    If even schools spy you out...

    This is definitely not an isolated case. It looks like it's rather the tip of the iceberg, as shown by the recent wikileaks Vault 7 documentations.
  • Cyber spying

    As shown in Australian news back in 2012, this isn't a new game. As it got easier to track you roaming around what will stop people from accessing your cam, wherever you are? And none of the manufacturers of your devices offers a built in option to cover the cams like for protecting the lenses...
Listed below are a few cases and examples, even of schools watching the kids at home via webcam ...
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Its needless to say that such a trivial thing like the mechanical blocking of a web cam on internet connected devices could be easy addressed by the device designers and manufacturers at very little cost.

The big question is rather: Why they don't do it?
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