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  • Your privacy matters Video Preview Image

    Your privacy matters!

    As you can see in this video, there are public privacy concerns specially due to the ubiquity of webcams. While it’s a felony in some places to gain unauthorized access to computers, it is up to you to prevent yourself from being spied in your private places. After all you have the choice to close the blinds of your place, so why should you keep your webcam open to everyone?
  • Cory Doctorow at TEDxObserver Video Preview Image

    Cory Doctorow at TEDxObserver

    About how do we make kids care about online privacy? A lot of parents are asking this question nowadays when their kids from ages as low as 5 year old start to get in touch with the contamporary digital communication technology. In this video Cory shares a lot of insight knowledge about this topic.
  • Presentation of Hacking Tools Video Preview Picture

    Hacking Tools,

    like the one featured in the video clip show how easy it can be to gain anonymous access over the built in webcam of your device. There are more free or inexpensive available software tools like this available on the internet as well as in professional network management tools used by companies, schools and governments. As proven by some spectacular cases where schools spy-ed on kids using their laptops at home and in their dorms.
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